International report: Palestine suffers from lack of new jobs and high unemployment

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According to a report, the Palestinian territories suffer from a lack of new employment opportunities, with a persistently high unemployment rate, especially among young people and women, and a significant increase among skilled women (47%) compared to skilled men (18%), despite the fact that the labor market has entered a similar number

The report, entitled "Increased employment opportunities for skilled women in the Palestinian territories", co-financed by the World Bank and the Office of the representative of Norway in Palestine, was presented at a workshop attended by representatives of a number of ministries, the private sector, business leaders, academia and non- Government and donors in the city of Ramallah on Tuesday.

"Women make up half of the world's working age population, and more than half of the students," said World Bank director of social protection and jobs

Universities, and policies and labour regulations must be amended to ensure their ability to enter the labour market and compete in them.  "

"Employers must commit to hiring women and pay them equal wages for men for the same effort," she said.

Skilled women constitute the largest part of the Palestinian women's labour force.

If barriers to employment are reduced and women are more empowered to access jobs, the consequences for well-being and stability in this fragile context will be reflected in the improved living conditions of Palestinian families and the Palestinian economy.

For her part, the representative of the Norwegian Office in Palestine Hilda Hardalstad said that skilled women are available and ready human resources that can spur economic growth and contribute directly to increasing productivity.

It commended Palestinian efforts to advance women's rights.

It called for more initiatives on economic policy and the involvement of women in the labour force, while providing

Equal opportunities and equality in the

International reports: Palestinians suffer from lack of employment opportunities new and high unemployment/9/182018 the report touched on the slowdown in economic growth and restrictions on movement and mobility.

A set of recommendations to improve employment and income outcomes for skilled women were put forward, including actions to reduce constraints to entrepreneurship, especially small businesses and online entrepreneurship, and to strengthen labour market intermediation services and programmes to reconcile the demand for skills They are presented, and important legislative reforms are in place to reduce gender bias in sectors and professions and to maintain incentives for the employment of women.


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