The President: The Century deal came to liquidate the Palestinian issue and should not be considered an international reference for negotiation

311 Violation of international law contained in the American plan and which cannot achieve peace, and we will face its implementation on the ground

We call for building an international partnership to achieve a comprehensive, just and lasting peace

We extend our hands for peace and we hope to find a true partner in Israel

Our struggle is not with the adherents of Judaism but with those who occupy our land

We are ready to start negotiations if a partner is found in Israel under the auspices of the Quartet

New York (United Nations) - "Al-Quds" dot com - Saeed Erekat - started, this evening, the session of the UN Security Council on "Trump's plan", with the participation of President Mahmoud Abbas.

The President said during his speech in the Security Council: "The widespread rejection of the deal of the century comes because of the unilateral stances it contained and its explicit violation of international legitimacy and the Arab peace initiative, and because it canceled the legality of the Palestinian people's demands for their legitimate right to self-determination and to obtain their freedom and independence in their state, and legalized what is illegal from Settlement and land confiscation and annexation of Palestinian lands. "

He added: "The century deal came to liquidate the Palestinian issue, and I affirm that it should not be considered or any part of it as an international reference for negotiation because it is a proactive US-Israeli deal, and we will face its implementation on the ground."

He added: "The deal of the century carries with it the dictates, the apartheid, and the equal occupation, instead of trying him for the crimes he committed during decades."

He thanked the Israelis who had rejected the deal of the century, saying: "Thank you to the Israelis who expressed in their ways their rejection of the" deal of the century "and some members of the American Senate," adding: There is a document signed by 300 Israeli officers who rejected the deal of the century.

He also thanked members of Congress from the House and Senate who took principled positions against the plan of US President Donald Trump.

The Security Council and the Quartet called for an international conference to implement the international resolutions, stressing: "We will not accept the United States alone to sponsor the peace process."

He said: "I came today to say that peace between the Palestinian and Israeli people is still possible."

The President called on the Security Council to send a fact-finding committee to Palestine for corruption, and they will not find it.

He said: "Whatever happens to us, we will continue to stick to fighting terrorism."

He added: "Israel refused to hold Palestinian elections in Jerusalem."

He directed his speech to Kouchner saying: "Where is the opportunity that we missed to make peace? East and West Jerusalem are ours, and there is no objection to cooperation between the two countries and the two capitals."

The president said: "Rabin recognized the Palestine Liberation Organization as a legitimate representative of the Palestinian people."

He concluded by saying: I am ready for peace, and I am serious about what I say.


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