Netanyahu: We want to annex the settlements with the support of America, not without it

 Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said today, Monday, that the best interest of Israel is that the West Bank settlements be annexed with the support of the United States and not without it.

"We have obtained an unambiguous statement from US President Donald Trump that he will recognize the application of our sovereignty to all of our societies in Judea and Samaria (the West Bank)," the Israeli Jerusalem Post reported on its website.

"We will do it with the consent of the Americans, because this cannot be a unilateral act. We want the approval of the United States and we have obtained it," he added.

The Prime Minister's statement and his visit to "Mivot Jericho" is part of an intensive campaign he undertook to mitigate the damage to his promise to annex settlements before the March 2 elections, assuming that he had enjoyed the support of the United States for such a move.

Since then, the United States has asked Netanyahu to delay until after the elections, and he has agreed, although he is under severe political pressure to move forward without US support.

Netanyahu was speaking in the Mivot Jericho settlement, which he personally transformed from a settlement site into an official settlement with a special vote by the cabinet in September. This was intended to be a sign of his intention to annex these settlements after the formation of the government.

It is noteworthy that the Trump plan announced last month includes the retention of settlements in the West Bank.


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