DJI develops a distinct drone to take care of agricultural crops

In a step to expand its activity in various fields of technology, DJI decided to enter the world of agricultural equipment and revealed new treasures for the care of lands and crops.

The first small DJI dedicated to this area was the P4 Multispectral, which came with four electric motors that draw energy from the batteries, enabling it to fly for about half an hour without recharging.

This plane was equipped with thermal cameras and video cameras that help to use it as a tool to monitor the density of vegetation from the air, and at the same time to monitor agricultural lands, and got a spectrophotometer to measure the rates of sunlight that are important for plant development and growth.

As for the second plane DJI Agras T16, it was devoted to spraying agricultural pesticides from the air, and obtained a structure protected from water and dust according to the standards of IP67, tanks for pesticides with a capacity of 16 liters, and 4 special tubes for spraying pesticides. Hectares of farmland in just one hour.


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