"Instagram" adds a feature that specifies which users should be followed up on

"Instagram" added some services to organize the list of users that you follow through the application, which enables the classification of followers according to their interaction with them.

Through this feature, it is possible to classify the followers into two categories, firstly those most visible on the home page and interact with user stories and posts, and secondly, the interaction with them is little, and therefore, the user will be able to know the followers who are not really interested in their posts.

The new feature also allows you to sort the accounts according to the time when you started following them, i.e. from the oldest to the most recent, and this service can be accessed through a button in your profile on "Instagram".

"Instagram really brings you closer to the people and things that matter to you, but we know that over time your interests can evolve and your relationships change, so we want to facilitate the management of the accounts you follow on Instagram, according to the best connections and your current interests," a company spokesman told TechCrunch.

The company explained that users with this new feature can manage follow-up status, notifications or mute unwanted accounts.

This step seems smart from "Instagram" because it helps the user to see interesting things on the home page, which may keep you for more time browsing the application, and thus ensuring that advertising revenue continues to increase.


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