Thailand .. A soldier kills 30 people and wounded 30 in a mall

The Thai police announced today, Sunday, the killing of a soldier who had shot indiscriminately in a shopping center in the northeastern city of Nakhon Ratchasima, killing dozens of people dead and wounded.

"Thank you to the police and the army for ending this situation. The shooter was killed, " said Public Health Minister Anutin Sharnavrakul .

And the Thai News Agency reported that the new toll of the massacre amounted to at least 30 dead and 58 injured, explaining that the dead were 3 policemen, 3 soldiers, 23 civilians and the same shooter .

Earlier in the day, the authorities reported that the shooting had killed 27 people, including the bomber .

On Saturday, it was reported that a Thai soldier in a hysterical state was holding 16 people hostage inside the Terminal 21 mall .

Police identified the suspect, and found that the soldier Jacrapant Thomas , aged 32 years, a professional was a shooting instructor in the military unit and took part in a special sniper training elements of the forces "commando program " .

Police confirmed that Toma had stolen a rifle from a military base in the city, and had initially killed his commander and two other people, who had fled by military vehicle, to enter later into the mall where he began intense gunfire at those present .

For his part, Thai Prime Minister Prayot Chan Ocha revealed that the main motive that caused the soldier to do this heinous act was "his feeling of grudge over the sale of a land he felt was cheated on . " 

The Ministry of Defense said it is still unaware of the reasons that prompted the soldier to commit this massacre, in the first tragic accident of this kind in the country in recent decades .


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