The occupation begins implementing the decision to ban the export of Palestinian agricultural products to the world

On Sunday morning, the Israeli authorities began banning the export of Palestinian agricultural products to countries of the world via Jordan.

According to the Hebrew newspaper Haaretz, the office of the Israeli government coordinator in the territories informed the Palestinian customs office yesterday, Saturday, of this decision, and banned the export of any agricultural products starting from Sunday.

The newspaper indicated that this decision will aggravate the economic situation of the Palestinians. Noting that the decision includes dates and olive oil.

And Naftali Bennett, the Israeli army minister, took a decision last week to prevent the import of Palestinian agricultural products into Israeli markets, as a "punitive" response to the issue of the Palestinian Authority's failure to import calves, which incurred heavy losses on the Israeli farm owners.

For its part, the Palestinian government decided to stop importing agricultural products, fruit juices and mineral water from the occupation side.

On Friday, the occupation forces returned a number of barriers to Palestinian trucks loaded with agricultural products that were to be exported to the countries of the world. According to the Ministry of National Economy.

It is worth noting that the value of exports of Palestinian agricultural products to the Israeli market amounted to 88 million dollars during the year 2018, which represents 68% of the volume of Palestinian agricultural exports to the world of $ 130 million, while the volume of trade exchange between Palestine and the countries of the world in 2018 amounted to 7.694 billion Monitored commodity dollars.


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