107 US lawmakers send a message to Trump condemning the deal of the century

 On Thursday, 107 members of the US House of Representatives signed an urgent message sent to US President Donald Trump, strongly condemning the "Deal of the Century" plan to resolve the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, and warning the Israeli government against using the plan. As a license to violate international law by including all or parts of the West Bank attribute. "

The letter says, "We are sending this message to express our strong opposition to your management plan that it claims was prepared for the sake of a Palestinian-Israeli peace. We are concerned about the content and timing of the plan that will escalate the conflict."

The letter refers to the HR law. 326 approved by the US House of Representatives on December 6, 2019 (with a two-party majority) that "expressed opposition to Congress for any unilateral steps to annex (Israel and the West Bank), which focused on the traditional American position opposing settlement expansion, which confirmed that any American plan The United States should have credibility that should be based on a two-state solution (according to the criteria adopted), since a two-state solution is the only way to end the conflict (between the Palestinians and Israel) and ensure the right to national Palestinian self-determination, and that Israel is safe, democratic and a homeland of Jews and respects rights and rights At the legitimate for both parties. "

And the message adopted and formulated by Representative Andy Levin (Democrat from Michigan) and Alan Lewenthal (Democrat from California) warns that by encouraging unilateral annexation and permanent occupation, and by excluding the Palestinian leadership completely from the diplomatic process, the president's endeavors will exacerbate and deepen Conflict rather than solving it, as "the" Deal of the Century "plan that your team has fabricated for the past three years is not a serious attempt, which carries good intentions to bring real and sustainable peace between the two conflicting parties.

The message stresses, "What worries us most is that this plan (the deal of the century) paves the way to the permanent Israeli occupation of the West Bank; it endorses the annexation of Israeli settlements and the Jordan Valley, while the plan talks about a state that offers the Palestinians little to a vital state."

The letter says that members of Congress realize that "a group of isolated and sporadic Palestinian enclaves - surrounded by settlements and settlement infrastructures annexed by Israel, which are still under Israeli control - does not constitute a state ... Your proposal, formulated by a team that long ago indicated its hostility to a state, Real Palestinian, and to make the real two-state solution impossible. "

The letter warns that "the US proposal that encourages unilateral annexation and disposal of the two-state solution is bad for Israel, and for shared values ​​that are historically based on the relationship between the United States and Israel, and for consensus between the two parties (the Democratic and Republican) in the United States and the importance of that relationship, which Israel considered it a long time ago as a critical strategic gain. "

"We also have a deep concern that your administration developed a blueprint (the deal of the century) without consulting with the Palestinians, and that it is impossible for any Palestinian leadership to accept such a scheme," the letter adds. On the other hand, "this scheme can provoke violence again in Israel and across the occupied territories. It may destabilize Jordan and put peace treaties both Egypt and Jordan with Israel at risk, and it (the plan) will deepen feelings of hostility toward the United States across the Middle East."

The letter says, "In addition to its confusing nature, the timing of launching the plan causes problems, since it appears not linked to a peace process between the Palestinians and Israel, especially since it was presented less than a month before the third elections (for the Knesset) in less than a year - against the backdrop of the accusations leveled To Prime Minister Netanyahu of Israel - it seems that the timing of the plan's disclosure now is improper interference in foreign elections. "

The message ends, noting that "the administration's plan will harm the Palestinians and the Israelis alike, and push them towards more conflict, and therefore does not have our support, and the government should not use it as a license to violate international law, by annexing all or parts of the occupied West Bank."

It is noteworthy that Netanyahu continues to pledge unilateral annexation and indicates his support for the Trump administration in his endeavors.


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