Ghunaim: The Gaza Strip is threatened by a water disaster at the end of 2020

Today, at its new campus in Khan Yunis, Al-Aqsa University hosted the Minister of Water Authority, Engineer Mazen Ghoneim, in the presence of the President of the University Dr.. Ayman Sobh.

Dr. spoke. It became during the meeting about the water situation in Palestine and the efforts of the Water Authority to achieve Palestinian water security.

He stressed the depth of the relationship and partnership between Al-Aqsa University and the Palestinian Water Authority, indicating that water in Palestine is one of the essentials and necessities that cannot be dispensed and that our existential struggle with the occupation is the issue of water.

For his part, Minister Ghoneim stressed that the water issue is one of the most important issues in the final status negotiations between the Palestinians and the Israelis, noting that the Gaza Strip is threatened by a water catastrophe at the end of 2020 and that it will be unviable with the absence of the main water sources when it reached a significant degree of deterioration, Whether in terms of quantity or quality, for many reasons that are well known to the Palestinian Water Authority, which has tried hard during the past years to limit this deterioration, but for technical, political and social reasons, it has not been able to solve this phenomenon to the desired extent.

Ghoneim explained that the Water Authority is working hard to achieve economic growth, water and food security by securing water rights for the Palestinians, achieving a fair distribution of water sources between different sectors, and achieving sustainable development of these resources through their protection, and the efficient and equitable management of all water sources, and the Water Authority takes primary responsibility About managing these resources.

Ghoneim reviewed the real threat of the century deal, which comes as part of a plan that implemented most of its contents, including the confiscation of Palestinian water and its monopoly by the Israelis, and its control over the Palestinian sources of water.


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