Two martyrs and injuries in jenin

Police Sergeant Tarek Louay Badwan, 24, who was shot dead by Israeli forces at dawn, was shot dead at his workplace at the special police headquarters in Jenin.

According to the director of Al Razi Hospital, Dr. Fawaz Hammad, that the martyr suffered a gunshot wound of a type of blood in his abdomen, and after the first ambulance in the martyr Khalil Suleiman Government Hospital, he was transferred because of the seriousness of his condition to Al Razi Hospital, explaining that he underwent surgery that lasted several hours with the participation of 5 doctors, as provided him 30 A blood unit, but the doctors failed to save his life and he rose as a martyr.

According to eyewitness accounts, israeli troops opened fire on the policeman inside the special police headquarters on the military street in Jenin.

The governor of Jenin, Major General Akram Al-Rajoub, and Fatah movement, the martyr killed by the occupation in cold blood, mourned the number of martyrs of Jenin to two, where he martyred, at dawn on Thursday, the young Manzen Munther Abu Tabikh (19 years old) who was shot by israeli soldiers, during clashes in jenin with forces The occupation, and six others were injured and taken to hospitals for treatment.

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