Thousands participate in a march against the "Deal of the Century" in Tunisia

Thousands of workers, representatives of parties and civil society organizations flocked to the center of the capital Tunis today, Wednesday, to participate in a protest march against the "Deal of the Century".

The protesters gathered in front of the main headquarters of the Tunisian General Labor Union, the country's largest union, which had called for the march, and then the crowds headed to the main street, Habib Bourguiba.

Palestinian Ambassador Hayel Al-Fahoum and Union Secretary-General Noureddine Taboubi participated in the march alongside activists and representatives of national parties and organizations.

The march raised the slogan "No to normalization, not to neglect the Palestinian Arab right" and the demonstrators launched slogans against the plan presented by US President Donald Trump and known to the media as "the deal of the century".

The Secretary-General of the Federation said, in front of the crowd of the demonstrators: "No, for surrender solutions, Jerusalem is ours and not for others. This is a lesson from the Tunisian people to Arab leaders, we tell them you are blind to the Palestinian issue."

Al-Taboubi added: "Generations behind and today generations in the arenas of struggle express their popular will against the deal of shame and the deal of betrayal."

Tunisian President Qais Saeed was highly critical of the peace plan announced by the US president.

Said, who is against anti-normalization of relations with Israel, described Trump's plan as "the dark of the century."


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