Occupation halts cement entry into Gaza and withdraws permits for 500 merchants

On Sunday morning, the Israeli occupation authorities stopped the open entry of cement into the Gaza Strip and cleared the permits of hundreds of merchants.

"One day after the occupation forces allowed the open entry of cement into Gaza outside the international mechanism known as the System, this morning it was prevented," said Esma Kahil, the head of Palestinian contractors in Gaza.

"We cannot assess how the ban on the open entry of cement into Gaza will affect because the period that entered this system will affect one day," Hesaid.

In the same vein, a Palestinian liaison official confirmed to Jerusalem Press that the Israeli side had informed them of the withdrawal of the permits of 500 merchants from the Gaza Strip.

Hebrew media reported that the occupying power had taken the move in response to the continued firing of rockets and balloons from the Gaza Strip.

The occupying Power requires the introduction of cement into Gaza through the international mechanism it approved by the agreement between the United Nations and the Palestinian Authority after the 2014 war, where cement is disbursed through international projects or by applying to the committee for consideration and disbursement.

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