Erekat: Kouchner is trying to distort leadership positions and his statements are inconsistent with what the American administration is doing

Secretary of the Executive Committee of the Palestine Liberation Organization, Saeb Erekat, said that the statements of US President Donald Trump's adviser Jared Kushner contradict the reality of what the American administration, government, and occupying country are doing, and is trying to distort the positions of the Palestinian leadership supported by all Our people and international institutions and organizations that reject the dictates of this administration.

Erakat added in a press statement that Kouchner and his ilk, who want to impose dictates, believe that they can impose Netanyahu's apartheid on the Palestinian people forever, stressing that the occupation and the two-state solution must be ended on the 1967 borders, etc. to failure.

Kouchner went out of courtesy and diplomacy in his press statements accusing the Palestinians of having rejected much, which Trump offered them, and in the end the Palestinians should do something rational, describing Trump's plan as providing the Palestinians twice the size of their land, and also includes an economic plan worth $ 50 billion, and giving them a capital in Jerusalem.

Kouchner attacked Erekat, claiming that he "did not reach any agreement and failed to conclude peace deals." He also attacked Erekat's statements during which he said that "the Trump map does not offer anything new."

Erekat explained that concluding agreements and deals is not success, but achieving peace and restoring the rights of our people are the priorities of the Palestinian negotiator, and we will strive to achieve a Palestinian state with the support of all believers in the justice of our cause, armed with law and international legitimacy.


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