Settler tours of Hebron. Systematic violations and assaults to try to obliterate the identity of the place.

 Every Saturday, large groups of settlers flow, with the protection of heavily armed occupation soldiers, wandering in a provocative way in the alleys of the old city of Hebron, its streets, markets and neighborhoods, in their attempts to make a Jewish history and teach their children the fake Talmudic narrative, and displace Its indigenous people and obliterating its identity and Palestinian Arab Islamic history.

Alaa Al-Haddad, the owner of a commercial store, said that the settlers' tours constitute a great provocation, and over the course of two hours the lives of people are completely disrupted, given the harassment and raids carried out by the occupation soldiers and settlers before and during the tour, which constitutes a flagrant violation against citizens and merchants in the Old City .

He added: The town was and still is witnessing very difficult conditions, which makes life in it bitter to the utmost degree, coinciding with the poor and worsening economic situation, which forced many to leave their homes and shops, indicating that it has turned into a military barracks filled with barriers and complex checkpoints. Worship and corrupt the soldiers and settlers in it at our expense and the expense of our land, uncontrollably.

Hisham Al-Sharbati, coordinator of the Hebron Defense Committee, explained that these tours, which take a lot of momentum, especially for Jewish holidays, began to be organized in large numbers after the Al-Aqsa Intifada, as they are of an organizational nature, noting that every Saturday that the Old City witnesses the arrival of a large number of settlers And on top of them is a tourist guide who explains to them at length about the history of these neighborhoods and buildings belonging to the Jews according to their claim, and the predominant language in the tour is Hebrew, but in the event that there are visiting Jews from outside Israel, this requires the presence of another tour guide who speaks English, and most of the itinerant settlers are Age above (18) and in the twenties, and Wi With the help of affiliation and schools of religious Jewish, and they try as much as possible to prove to the settlers that these buildings and neighborhoods were the property of the Jews, but the Palestinians they bent on stealing, pointing out that the goal of the occupation and the settlers is to establish settlement presence at the expense of the Palestinian citizens and property.

Al-Sharbati said: While the occupation is trying to impose a fait accompli policy in the old town, it is necessary to strengthen the Palestinian presence in it, to intensify prayer in the Ibrahimi Mosque and to shop from its shops, and to make counter-rounds for school and university students as a clear and explicit response to violations of the occupation and its settlers, in order to preserve This historic civilized town.


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