Hebrew Channel: The occupation army is preparing for an escalation for several days in Gaza

The seventh Hebrew channel reported today, Sunday, that the occupation army is preparing for the possibility of escalation for several days in the Gaza Strip.

According to the channel, the military and security forces believe that the possibility of an escalation is very likely, and that "this may force the decision-makers in Hamas to return to discuss the understandings."

Military sources say the so-called Southern Command of the occupation army, "Hamas is trying through these practices to increase pressure on Israel about the understandings that have been achieved during the past two months."

The sources pointed out that what is going on is two parallel operations, "the first is the resumption of the launch of explosive balloons by Hamas activists, with the intention of pressuring Israel without causing significant harm to themselves."

And "the second, the repeated rocket fire by other organizations in Gaza, as Hamas closes its eyes on them, as a result of internal pressures demanding it to exacerbate the situation and put pressure on Israel militarily before the elections scheduled for next March."

According to military sources, Hamas is not directly behind the rocket fire.

And she says, this is the reason why the security system is currently working on two parallel levels as well, the first is to harm the economy of Gaza by preventing the introduction of cement and reducing entry permits for merchants, a decision that was taken for a very limited period and its abolition depends on Hamas and its ability to control the region, and the second response On these continuous attacks by targeting important sites such as weapons and missile production factories by air, with the aim of impeding the movement's military rehabilitation and accumulating its strength.

For its part, the Hebrew newspaper Haaretz said that Hamas's resumption of rocket fire raises many questions about the movement's intentions regarding the cease-fire.

And she showed that, despite the occupation’s assessment previously that the movement is interested in calm in the long term, the reality on the ground indicates that it does not prevent the firing of rockets, indicating that this may increase, sooner or later, the severity of the Israeli response force and entering a rapid escalation wave .


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