Report: The occupation government begins preparing to impose its sovereignty over the Jordan Valley and settlements

 The report of the National Office for the Defense of the Earth and Resistance to Settlement of the Palestinian Liberation Organization said that the occupying state will benefit from the American-Zionist plan known as the "Deal of the Century" from the existence of safe and recognized American borders.

The weekly report issued today added that at a time when Arab and international positions were united to reject the "deal of the century" and mentioned their positions and commitment to support for a political settlement based on United Nations resolutions, international law and bilateral agreements and realizing the vision of two states living side by side in peace and security within Recognized borders, on the basis of pre-1967 lines, the ruling circles in Israel are rushing to start implementing the contents of the settlement plan, prepared by the trio Gerald Kushner, Jason Greenblatt, and David Friedman.

According to the report, according to the American plan, the occupation will not have to remove any settlement, but will annex it the vast majority of it to become part of Israel, and link it through an effective transportation system, and the Jordan Valley will be crucial to security and under Israeli sovereignty.

The report pointed out that the "Deal of the Century" calls for the establishment of a fictitious Palestinian state without any internal geographical communication, except through bridges and tunnels, and it will not have any geographical communication with the neighboring countries, and in express terms will turn the areas designated for the Palestinians in the West Bank into a group of "large prisons" ".

According to the report, the newspaper "Yediot Aharonot" said that the Israeli government will not use the term "annexation" in its expected steps, but rather the term "imposing Israeli law", where talk is not about annexation but rather the imposition of sovereignty, given that these lands were not affiliated with another country such as The Golan Heights, which was annexed because it was a state, will not be in this case annexation in the West Bank, so a government decision suffices, according to those sources.

The statements issued by officials in the administration of US President Donald Trump and the government of Benjamin Netanyahu, that the US administration is working to form a joint committee with the Israeli government, to coordinate this process in the occupied West Bank, and to match it with the maps presented in the "deal of the century", which was confirmed by the ambassador The American in Tel Aviv, David Friedman.

Friedman stressed that the US administration will look at the Israeli proposals and examine them and make sure that they are in line with its plan, which now requires the formation of the committee soon, and work on these matters immediately and finish this matter quickly.

The report pointed out that Friedman assured during an informal meeting held by leaders of American Jews and evangelists that the Palestinians will not obtain their state soon even if they agree to the terms of the "deal of the century", and that the establishment of a Palestinian state will not come anyway in the foreseeable future.

In light of this, the Minister of Security in the Israeli occupation government, Naftali Bennett, announced that he had ordered the formation of a staff to act immediately to impose Israeli sovereignty on all Israeli settlements in the occupied West Bank.

In a speech to the National Security Research Center conference in Tel Aviv, Bennett said: "We will give the prime minister the absolute support of this step," while affirming in statements he made to the media from within the "Ariel" settlement built on the lands of citizens in the northern West Bank, that Israel will not allow under any circumstances the establishment of a Palestinian state, nor will it hand over a single inch of land, and we will agree to the "deal of the century" only if it includes annexing lands from the West Bank to the state of Israel.

An announcement that complemented Netanyahu's statements came after Trump's announcement of his plan, as he stressed that the imposition of Israeli law will be in two phases; and he would request government approval to impose Israeli law on the Jordan Valley and all settlements.

After completing planning the next steps in Israel, in coordination with the United States, the government will be presented with the decision to impose Israeli law on additional areas, and with the accompanying abolition of the military rule imposed on half a million Israelis in the settlements, and lifting all restrictions imposed on construction and other issues, were In the past, you need US approval.

Netanyahu stressed that most of the illegal outposts are in areas that will remain under the control of Israel, which will continue to tighten security control throughout the West Bank, and the Palestinians will not have an airport or dock in the ports of Ashdod and Haifa, and control of the border crossings will remain in the hands of Israel.

The report pointed out that Netanyahu claimed that "Israel will obtain American recognition of additional areas in the West Bank, including land reserves for the development of settlements, and the army will continue to control all land, including the main road hubs, and no one will be uprooted from his home." He claimed, betting that American recognition would prevent international sanctions against Israel if it decided to annex those territories.

The report stated that the "Deal of the Century" opened the appetite of the ruling right, to begin annexing lands in the West Bank and considered it an American green light, which was reflected in the statements of leaders of all right-wing parties, and the so-called Israeli right-wing.

Ayelet Shaked called for the urgency in enacting a law to annex all the West Bank lands without their Arab residents, calling for the start of annexing the Jordan Valley and all the lands of Area C as a prelude to annexing the rest of the lands and preventing any Palestinian entity in it.

As for the head of the Yisrael Beiteinu party, Avigdor Lieberman called for a bill to be included to annex the Jordan Valley to the Knesset, to vote during the next few days, affirming his party's support for this initiative. He also reminded Netanyahu of his promise to annex the Jordan Valley and all settlements in the West Bank. Has more social support than any other plan since the Allon Plan.

The leader of the Blue-White-Brown Alliance, Gantz, was not left behind, as he announced that he would implement President Donald Trump's plan for a political settlement.

The report added that, following a meeting held by officials in Washington with officials in the American administration, the Settlement Council decided to oppose the plan, as the Americans made clear to them that the Trump plan includes negotiations to establish a Palestinian state.

The council chairman, David Al Hayani, expressed his shock at Netanyahu's approval of the two-state solution, saying that the establishment of the Palestinian state is an existential threat to the state of Israel, and that the settlers will not allow its establishment, because in their view the matter is considered a liquidation of settlements in the West Bank.

The report continued: The settlement projects, demolitions and ethnic cleansing continued on the ground, without interruption, as construction work continues on the project to expand Street 60, "Tunnels Street" to connect Jerusalem with southern settlements at the expense of the lands of Palestinian citizens in Beit Jala.

The project is being implemented by the Directorate of Roads Department at the Soleil Bonnet Infrastructure Company "for the development and construction of streets", whereby the occupation authorities claim that its goal is to reduce the traffic congestion taking place in the area in the morning and evening hours, as settlers complain of slow traffic, especially since the street is dedicated to only one lane Both ways.

The operation of the tunnel is proceeding along 280 meters in full swing, and the columns on which the bridge will be built are currently installed over 360 meters, and next to the existing bridge, the tunnel and the bridge will include 3 tracks for traveling public transportation and vehicles, and the project will serve the residents of the southern settlements, (Gush Etzion and Tzur) Hadassah, Betar Illit, and others).

According to the occupation authorities, more than 1,300 vehicles and 30 buses travel on the tunnels street in the morning hours, where they had previously issued a military order, which requires the seizure of lands located along the tunnel that was built on the lands of the city of Beit Jala, while Israeli bulldozers uprooted olive trees and bulldozed Lands belonging to Palestinian citizens to establish the project.

The Israeli occupation authorities also issued a decision to seize agricultural lands to expand a structural plan for the "Asfar" settlement, which is established on the lands of the towns of Sa'ir and Al-Shiyoukh in the north of Hebron and adjacent to the villages of Rashaideh, Minieh, Kaysan east of Bethlehem, and Beit Fajjar in the south.

The decision aims to seize lands and agricultural fields located in a basin (No. 8) at the “Show Councils” site in the town of Al-Shuyukh, and basin No. (20) from the “Al-Wasilah” and “Qanan Fakout” sites from Sa'ir lands, in favor of expanding the mentioned settlement. Where he will take dozens of acres from the lands of the two towns cultivated with olives and almonds.


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