The occupation imposes a security cordon on the bank and closes the Gaza crossings on the eve of the Jewish feast of forgiveness.

Gaza _ Palestine News Network

The army began the Israeli occupation, imposing a security cordon on the occupied West Bank and closing the crossings with the Gaza Strip, starting from midnight on Monday night, until midnight on Wednesday, on the eve of the Jewish feast of "forgiveness" or the so-called "Kibor ".

According to a statement issued by the army, the crossings with Gaza and the West Bank will be closed, and only humanitarian emergencies will be allowed to enter Israel.

"From midnight to midnight on Wednesday-Thursday (21.00 GMT), the IDF command imposes a comprehensive security cordon on the West Bank due to the day of forgiveness (Tuesday and Wednesday)," he said.

Another security cordon is scheduled to be imposed during the days of "Throne Day" (Sokot) from midnight Saturday to Sunday, until October 1.


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