Things you should know on Android phones

Android phones contain many features and features that facilitate their use, and give these devices greater ability to work and serve the user effectively for a long time, what are the most prominent of these features?

Dark mode:

This feature enables the user to convert the color of the use wallpapers from bright and faded colors to black, which helps to reduce harmful rays to the eye while using the phone at night or in a dark place, and this feature also contributes to rationalizing the consumption of battery power and maintaining its life, as well as it It prolongs the life of the screen.


Battery life improvement settings:

Some Android phones have many settings that contribute to prolonging the battery life, which includes "automatic screen brightness control", and the user can make his phone's battery run for a longer period by entering screen settings, and then turning off the "automatic brightness" feature, and adjusting the rate Screen illumination at 50% or less.

Battery Optimization can also be activated through Settings, a feature that focuses on knowing how you use the phone, determining which applications you use and when you use them, and then allows the apps you use constantly only to run in the background, to reduce battery power consumption.


Do Not Disturb:

The Do Not Disturb mode feature is one of the most important features that helps the user to get rid of annoying calls and notifications while working or sleeping, and is found in some Android phones under the name of Downtime or quiet time, and to activate it you must go to the settings, and then press the Sounds and notifications option, Hence the "Do Not Disturb" option, and it can also be activated on some phones directly from the "dropdown list" which can be opened from the top of the main usage screen.


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