The King of Norway visits Jordan on the first official visit to the Middle East

The Norwegian King Harald and his wife, Queen Sonia, will make an official visit to Jordan in March, the Royal Palace in Oslo announced Thursday.

The palace statement stated that the royal family was invited by King Abdullah II, while it will be the first official visit to the King of Norway (82 years) to the Middle East.

During the visit scheduled from March 2 to 4, the King and Queen will be accompanied by the Norwegian Foreign Minister Eni Marie Eriksen Surayd, the Minister of Trade and Industry Eiseln Nebo and a delegation of businessmen.

On the agenda, conferences will be held on political dialogue in the Middle East, discussions on cooperation in the fields of renewable energy, water technology, tourism and cancer treatment, as well as enhancing the role of women in music.

The king and queen are scheduled to visit the archaeological site of Petra in southern Jordan

The King and Queen of Jordan Rania visited Norway in April 2000.


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