A comprehensive strike pervades the Gaza Strip

 The Gaza Strip witnessed a comprehensive strike today, Wednesday, at the invitation of the Follow-up Committee of the National and Islamic Forces, rejecting the century deal announced by the US administration.

Shops closed, while private sector institutions were suspended, while hospitals, health and education departments worked normally. However, despite the regular school hours, a large number of students in different parts of the sector demonstrated and closed the doors of schools, ignited tires and chanted angry slogans rejecting the "Deal of the Century".

The citizens raised the black flag on the roofs of houses, an expression of the anger that the Palestinian people are experiencing as a result of the announcement of the deal.

The Follow-up Committee said in a statement last night: "The strike comes to send clear messages to the Zionist and American enemy that the ill-fated deal of the century will not pass, and our people will resist it in all shapes and methods until it falls."

And considered that the deal of the century represents "a new episode of the American plans aimed at liquidating the Palestinian issue.

She called on the masses to continue to participate in the activities that will be implemented to reject the deal and with the aim of dropping it.


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