The Ministry of Foreign Affairs warns of an escalation of settler terrorism as the "Deal of the Century" is announced

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Emigrants warned against an escalation of settler terrorism in light of the announcement of the "Deal of the Century".

The Ministry condemned in the strongest terms the storming of organized terrorist settlers into the town of Ainabus, south of Nablus, and their burning of a classroom in the town's main male school, and a line of hostile racist slogans threatening to demolish homes in the village.

"This hideous crime is an extension of the series of crimes of terrorist settler organizations against Palestinian citizens, their land, their sanctities and their property," the ministry said in a statement issued today, Tuesday.

She pointed out that yesterday, settler gangs set fire to a mosque in the village of Sharfat near Beit Safafa, and today it commits a heinous crime and intimidates the residents of the town of Ainabus and the students of its school as part of an inevitable part of targeting the Palestinian educational march and its institutions, as is happening in occupied East Jerusalem.

The Ministry held the Occupying Power, its government, and its institutions fully and directly responsible for the terrorist crimes of its settlers, and affirmed that American decisions and declarations hostile to our people and to peace encourage the elements of Jewish terrorism to continue to tolerate the occupied Palestinian land and the capabilities, property, and institutions of our people.

The Foreign Ministry said in its statement: It is following with great interest the crimes of Jewish terrorist organizations with the international criminal and international institutions and relevant international organizations, particularly UNESCO, and it calls for them to quickly take the necessary measures imposed by international law to protect Palestinian educational institutions, and to force Israel to fulfill its obligations as The occupying Power in Palestine, and calls upon all states to put the elements of Jewish terrorism on their lists of terrorism, and to pursue and prevent them from entering their territories.


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