The Palestinian presidency warns Washington against any move that violates international legitimacy

The Palestinian presidency warned Thursday evening against any American move that violates international legitimacy, in light of the talk about the proximity of Washington to present its plan to solve the Palestinian-Israeli conflict known as the "Deal of the Century".

In a statement published by the official Palestinian News Agency (WAFA), Presidential Spokesman Nabil Abu Rudeina affirmed the Palestinian rejection of the American decisions that were announced about Jerusalem and considered it the capital of Israel, in addition to all the American decisions that violate international law.

Abu Rudeina renewed, "affirming our steadfast position calling for an end to the Israeli occupation of the land of the State of Palestine on the 1967 borders, with East Jerusalem as its capital."

Abu Rudeina said, "If this deal is announced with these rejected formulas, the leadership will announce a series of measures in which we safeguard our legitimate rights, and we will demand Israel to assume its full responsibilities as an occupying power."

"We warn Israel and the American administration against crossing the red lines," he added.

This comes as Israeli public radio reported that both Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and opposition leader Benny Gantz were summoned to Washington next week to brief them on the details of the US peace plan known as the "Deal of the Century" in preparation for putting the plan publicly and publishing its details.

According to the radio, Netanyahu met this evening in Jerusalem with US Vice President Mike Pines, who handed him the American invitation.

It is noteworthy that the American administration has so far refrained from publishing the details of the plan because of the political crisis that Israel is going through and waging successive electoral battles.

And Israeli radio reported that the American administration is currently considering the possibility of publishing the plan before the elections on the second of next March.

She pointed out that Gantz, who has so far opposed publishing the details of the plan, considering it a reward for Netanyahu, has changed his position and that he is now calling on US President Donald Trump to publicize it as soon as possible.

The US administration’s intention to publish the details of the deal falls in light of the statements made recently by Israeli poles about annexing lands from the West Bank to Israeli sovereignty.

It is noteworthy that the economic aspect of the American plan was published in June, and that it provides for the establishment of an international investment fund of $ 50 billion to set up development projects to improve the Palestinian economy and to invest in neighboring countries.


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