The cultivation of Gaza: more than a million dollars in farmers ’losses as a result of the occupation spraying their lands with pesticides

The Ministry of Agriculture in the Gaza Strip estimated, today, Thursday, the value of the physical damage to agricultural crops as a result of exposure to toxic pesticides, which the occupation sprinkled on farmers' lands in the east of the Gaza Strip (one million and a quarter of a million dollars).

The ministry said in a statement that the total area of ​​agricultural lands whose crops were damaged was more than (2000 dunums), noting that the damages included most winter crops such as wheat, barley, beans, peas, cabbage, onions and zucchini, in addition to paper crops such as Spinach and parsley.

The Ministry of Agriculture condemned the continuous "heinous crime", which the occupation committed against the agricultural sector and Palestinian farmers, calling on international organizations, United Nations organizations, human rights organizations and Arab institutions in addition to civil society and media institutions, to conduct field trips to agricultural lands, to find out the extent of the agricultural damage that causes It has the occupation of the farmers, the losses it has inflicted on them, and closely documenting them with sound and video.

The Ministry stressed the role of these institutions in exposing the crime of occupation and confirming its lies, that its operations in spraying agricultural pesticides did not harm the citizens, crops and the environment and did not affect the fertility of the soil, calling on those institutions to assume their responsibilities in working to hold the occupation accountable for this heinous crime against the agricultural sector The agricultural environment, and pressure to force the occupation to compensate farmers for the great losses they incurred, in their only source of livelihood. According to the text of the statement.

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