Netanyahu admits Israel´s big mistake

TEL Aviv _ Agencies

Benjamin Netanyahu, the head of the occupying government, admitted that Israeli military intelligence had erred 45 years ago.

"45 years ago, the military intelligence erred when it wrongly interpreted the intentions of Egypt and Syria to wage war on us," Netanyahu said at the start of the occupation government's session on Sunday morning.

He said that Israel lost thousands of victims 45 years ago, during the October October War of 1973.

The Prime Minister's spokesperson, Auver Jandelmann, wrote on his official Twitter page, coinciding with the celebration of the Jewish day of forgiveness, that Israel is doing everything to avert war, and at the same time, if it imposes on its country the war, it will do everything to win it, with as few victims as possible.

"Israel is moving, relentlessly, to prevent our" enemies "from supplying sophisticated weaponry," said Netanyahu. Our red lines are clearer than ever, and our insistence on imposing them is stronger than ever, "he said," Sputnik  ".


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