Gaza: Families of the three children are calling for their fate to be revealed

The families of three Palestinian children, targeted by the Israeli occupation forces, last night near the Kissufim site, demanded that their fate be revealed.

The three children live in Al-Maghazi camp, in the central Gaza Strip. They are: Muhammad Abu Mandil, Salem Al-Naami and Mahmoud Saeed.

Families of the three children own agricultural land near the eastern borders of the Maghazi camp in the central Gaza Strip.

The sister of the child Said told a number of journalists in front of their house that they do not have any information confirming the martyrdom of their son and his friends. Demanding human rights organizations to move to reveal their fate.

The Israeli occupation forces claimed, last night, that they threw hand grenades towards his forces, which led to their targeting, without specifying their fate. While an Israeli military source confirmed that they were killed immediately.

For its part, the family of the Israeli soldier, Hadar Golden, demanded that the Israeli army prevent the delivery of the bodies of the three children.

An Israeli military source said that it would be dealt with as had other bodies had previously been dealt with. This confirms their martyrdom, as was confirmed by another source last night.


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