Al-Khudari: UNRWA´s warnings about its budget need an international safety net

Representative Jamal Al-Khudari, head of the People's Committee to confront the blockade, said that UNRWA's warnings about its budget deficit need an international financial safety net, noting that the lack of this financial safety means that UNRWA is going When I warned him that this year will be more difficult for refugees.

Al-Khudari stressed in a press statement on Monday, the need for the international community to adopt a financial safety net that covers the deficit, supports the 2020 budget and accommodate the additional preparation that is awaiting service delivery by the agency.

And he explained that this aid originally hardly meets the basic needs of refugees who benefit from the services of the International Agency inside and outside Palestine, especially in the Gaza Strip, whose residents suffer from the suffering of the Israeli siege, closure, poverty and unemployment.

He also said, "UNRWA plays an important humanitarian role and provides health, education and food services in an exceptional situation in which the refugee lives."

Al-Khudari also called for supporting employment projects for graduates and increasing numbers to reduce the problem of unemployment, as the percentage rose to over 70% among the youth in the Gaza Strip.

He called for directing support to the women sector and to productive families, which will contribute to reducing the exacerbation of the unemployment problem, which has risen to 90% among women.

He added, "The continuation and stability of UNRWA will have a clear return in the event of increasing financial support and actually starting to open operational projects on a large scale, which will contribute to reducing the general unemployment rate, which is close to 60%."

Al-Khudari stressed that renewing the mandate of the United Nations General Assembly despite the opposition of the United States of America and "Israel", was very important in the continuation of UNRWA's humanitarian role, provided that it is financially assisted in bearing the huge burdens on it with great confidence from the international community.


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