This is how the Israeli soldiers intentionally left a dog draining a boy´s neck during the arrest!

In a report issued yesterday, the Prisoners and Editors Affairs Authority documented the testimony of Qais Arrawi, a 18-year-old detainee, from Jenin camp, through which he reveals details of his torture during his arrest.

The Commission reported its report in full, indicating that the boy, Arrawi, was arrested after the occupation army stormed his house at dawn and detonated the entrance door with a bomb. The captive is blindfolded, taken outside, and thrown into the military enclave.

While the boy was in the pocket, the soldiers intentionally abused him and let a police dog ravage his neck, causing him several untreated wounds until this moment, and then he was transferred to the "Jalameh" detention center for interrogation. Inside al-Jalameh's cells and then transferred to the prisoners' section of the cubs in "Megiddo" where he now sits.

It is reported that the number of minors who are currently held in Megiddo detention facility is 50 children, 98% of whom were subjected to some form of physical and psychological torture during their arrest or investigation or during their transfer to the Israeli detention centers.


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