Ministry of Foreign Affairs: Arrest and interrogation of Yassin´ child in violation of international law

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Emigrants said that the arrest of the Israeli occupation army, child Zaid Yassin (10 years) from the village of Anin, west of Jenin, while he was near the wall of annexation and racial expansion, and subjected to a field investigation before his release, a moral failure New, flagrant violation of international humanitarian law.

The ministry added in a statement issued today, Saturday, that this event is the ugliest and clearest picture of the occupation army, whose leaders bragged falsely and blatantly in its morals, as it chases and pursues Palestinian children and boys to arrest them at times, intimidates them and destroys their psyche at other times.

She pointed out that the arrest of the child Yassin reflects the barbarism of the occupation, and the depth of the culture of hatred and racism that spreads among his leaders and forces against the citizens, and this crime explains to us a wider case of the continuous mass arrests he wages against our people.

And the ministry continued, that hardly a day passes without the arrests of dozens of our people, from all walks of life, of children, women and students of schools and universities, including worshipers in places of worship.

And considered that what the occupation forces are doing is an open war against our people, aimed at striking the foundations of its national awareness of its cause and rights, and breaking its will to withstand and confront, and to plunge the suffering and search for its human livelihoods, as evidenced by the repression, abuse and arrest of the people of the town of Al-Issawiya.

The Foreign Ministry condemned the oppression operations carried out by the occupation forces, and the continuous arrests against our people, our boys and our children, warning against the consequences of dealing with these arrests as regular and familiar events and figures in statistics, which hides the size of the great suffering that occurs on Palestinian families, their social fabric and their livelihoods.

The Ministry called on the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF), and all relevant UN councils and organizations, to raise their voice in the face of the occupation and its forces, and for their violations of international laws criminalizing child terrorism, detention, extortion and torture.

The Ministry called for the occupation authorities to be held accountable for each of these cases, especially since hundreds of Palestinian minors kidnapped and detained them in its prisons and torture centers away from their families and lands, in clear violation of international law and the Geneva Conventions.


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