Mushasha: UNRWA faces Israeli plans affecting its workplaces

UNRWA spokesman, Sami Mushasha, said today, Saturday, that Israel is proceeding according to a systematic plan to weaken UNRWA in European parliaments and promote the lack of importance of the agency, which was supported by some right-wing parties in Europe despite official positions European countries supporting UNRWA.

In an interview with the official Voice of Palestine Radio, Mushasha added that Israel had prepared a plan to build a school complex in Shuafat camp to persuade the residents to register with it, instead of UNRWA schools to get the agency out of the city and undermine its work, explaining that UNRWA continues to mobilize Arab and international support because the needs of refugees are constantly increasing.

Mushashaa explained that the agency faces these Israeli plans because it will affect its regular and emergency operations in the five areas of the presence of the Palestinian refugees, and will put them in a very critical situation.

Mushasha added that the presence of voices, even if a few inside Europe, calls for non-renewing support for the agency, is a matter of concern, because the European Union is the largest donor to the agency and member states are countries that are very influential in supporting the agency.

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