Al-Khudari: Food insecurity affects more than 70% of families in Gaza

Member of Parliament Jamal Al-Khudhari said that more than 70% of families in the Gaza Strip suffer from food insecurity because of the Israeli blockade imposed on Gaza 13 years ago, and the deteriorating economic conditions .

Al-Khudari said in a press statement on Friday that these families suffer from severe or moderate food insecurity.

He pointed out that although these families receive limited assistance from the UNRWA, or Arab and international relief institutions, or from social affairs as assistance to the poor and destitute, this assistance is not sufficient, and these families suffer from food insecurity to varying degrees.

He pointed out that these families cannot provide food needs, which is one of the most important reasons behind food insecurity.

He pointed to other reasons, the most important of which is the lack of funding for UNRWA, which the United States has completely discontinued, while the level of support for the Ministry of Social Affairs has declined, while the number of people in need of aid has increased due to the disastrous economic situation.

And Al-Khudari indicated that the average daily income of $ 2 per day, while poverty and unemployment rates are very high, and the unemployment rate reaches 60%.

He pointed out that about 300 thousand workers are out of work, 520 factories closed during the past year, and 500 shops were closed.

Al-Khudari appealed to the international community and the Arab and Islamic countries to monitor budgets for these families to provide cash assistance, employment and care projects for the needy families, to overcome the food insecurity situation for tens of thousands of Palestinians in Gaza, and this is a moral, humanitarian and legal responsibility.


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