Poll: 64% of the Israelis oppose granting Netanyahu immunity

An Israeli opinion poll published today, Friday, showed that if elections are held for the Knesset now, the Right and Haredi camp led by the Prime Minister of the occupation government, Benjamin Netanyahu, will retreat to 54 seats in the Knesset, compared to 55 seats currently, and that The center-strength camp - right and center-left, led by the head of the "Kahl Lavan" bloc, Benny Gantz, will remain 44 seats.

In return, the Arab Joint List will obtain an additional seat, to become 14 seats.

According to the poll published by the newspaper "Maariv" and Radio 103FM, the Gantz camp will receive 44 seats, including 34 seats for "Kahul Lavan" and 10 seats for the "Labor - Gescher - Meretz" coalition.

In contrast, Netanyahu's camp will receive 54 seats, including 30 for the Likud party, 9 seats for the far-right party alliance "to the right", 8 seats for the Shas party, and 7 for the "UT" block.

The poll expected an increase in the representation of the joint list from 13 currently to 14 seats. While the Yisrael Beiteinu party, headed by Avigdor Lieberman, will get 8 seats.

Regarding Netanyahu's request for parliamentary immunity, to prevent his trial on serious corruption charges, 64% of those polled objected to granting him immunity, and 36% supported it.

The three Israeli television channels published polls yesterday evening, the results of which were as follows:

Channel 12: “Kahul Lavan” 34, Likud 32, Joint List 13, “Right” 10, Shas 8, “Labor - Gescher - Meretz” 8, “Yisrael Beitenu” 8, “Judaica of Heturah” 7.

Channel 13: “Kahul Lavan” 34, Likud 31, Joint List 14, “Labor - Gischer - Meretz” 9, “Israel Bettino” 8, “Judaica of Judea” 7, “Right” 7, Shas 6, “Outsma Yehudit” The fascist priesthood, headed by Itamar Bin Ghafir, will pass the threshold and get 4 seats.

Channel 11 (KAN): "Kahl Lavan 36, Likud 31, Joint List 13," Labor - Gescher - Meretz "9, Shas 9," Judaica of Heturah "8," to the right "8," Israel Bitino "7.


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