The most important Facebook added to its users during 2019

The American Facebook platform, which is considered the most popular social media platform, has worked to satisfy users as it launched many services and features that have won the admiration of millions in order to facilitate dealing with Facebook and satisfy everyone. 

Among the most important services and new features that Facebook added during the year 2019: 


Dark Mode in OpenVPN: Added in March this year the "Dark Mode" feature on the "Messenger" application for messaging and calls, and this feature has received great attention from users of this application. 

The group communication feature through "Messenger": this feature allowed to make voice and video calls in which they call a group of friends or users at the same time, which made using the application a pleasant way to communicate with family or friends. 

Mobile gaming tab: It added the Facebook Gaming service, which made it easy for users to explore, practice and share games with their friends in the app. 

"Undo Send" feature in "Messenger": This feature allows application users to undo sending any message during a specific time period, or delete messages that they sent to someone, similar to what can be done in the application "WhatsApp", according to Russia Today .

Medical appointment reminder tool: Last October, I announced a Preventive Health tool that helps users remember medical appointment times or visit a doctor. 


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