Reduction in the index of industrial production in Palestine within June month

JERUSALEM _ Palestine News Network

The index of industrial production quantities recorded a decrease of 5.22% over the last month June, compared to May month, as the index of industrial production fell to 93.30 during the month observed, compared to 98.44 during the month preceding. (Base month December 2015 = 100).

The Central Bureau of Statistics, in a report on the issue and the news agency "Sawa", reported on Sunday that water supply and sanitation activities and waste management and treatment were reduced by 20.51 percent, whose relative importance is 0.78 percent of total industry activities.

Mining and quarrying activities have also registered a decrease of 9.81%, whose relative importance is 4.06% of total industry activities.

Manufacturing activities recorded a decrease of 5.52% in the month June 2018 compared to the previous month, whose relative importance is 83.19% of total industry activities.

Electricity, gas, steam and air conditioning supply activities recorded a rise of 7.91%, which is of a relative importance of 11.98% of total industry activities.

At the sub-activities level, which has a significant relative impact on the overall index, some manufacturing activities registered a decline during June 2018, compared with the month of May 2018, the most important of which is the manufacture of other non-metallic minerals, the manufacture of essential pharmaceutical products and their products, The food products industry, printing activity, the cloning of registered media, the garment industry, the chemicals and chemical products industry, and the furniture industry.

On the other hand, the index of industrial production volumes has risen in some manufacturing activities, including the tobacco product industry, the manufacture of metal products, except for machines and equipment, and the paper and paper products industry.


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