492 victims of the protests in Iraq since its inception

Ali al-Bayati, a member of the High Commissioner for Human Rights in Iraq, said today, Wednesday, that the total number of victims of the protest demonstrations in Iraq since its inception has reached 492 dead and about 23 thousand injured.

Al-Bayati told the German News Agency (DPA), "The death toll reached 492 while the number of injuries amounted to 23 thousand injured, and that the number of detainees exceeded 290 detainees, of whom only 93 are currently in custody."

He added that "the number of missing persons reached 58, while the number of assassinations of activists, demonstrators and media workers reached 37 cases."

The protest demonstrations in Iraq began in the first month of October last in Baghdad and nine governorates in southern Iraq, and are still continuing to demand the reform of the political process, the formation of a new government and the holding of early elections in the country to confront the cases of rampant corruption in the country and address unemployment.


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