Australia rejected an offer by the European Union to help it against fires

The European Commission confirmed that Australia has refused, until further notice, an offer from the European Union to send European firefighters to it, to help it cope with the catastrophic fires that broke out in the forests and creeks there, according to the Commissioner European, Maroc Shevovich, today, Monday, in the European Parliament.

Shevovich indicated that the Australian government announced its appreciation for this offer but made it clear that at present there is no need for additional assistance.

According to Shevovich, the Commission offered to Australia to mobilize a number of civil defense personnel within the framework of the European Union's civil defense mechanism, and send them to Australia, and stressed that the European Union is ready to assist Australia.

The President of the European Council, Charles Michel, has offered Australia more fire support.

Grass fires have been raging in Australia for several months, especially in the southeastern regions of the small continent.

Today, firefighters detected about 140 burning spots in the states of New South Wales and Victoria, the two states most affected by the fires.

And according to the cautious estimates of the specialized scientists, the fires killed millions of animals in the state of New South Wales alone.


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