Israeli occupation authorities demolish Palestinian house in Ramla

JERUSALEM _ Palestine News Network

Israeli occupation authorities demolished a Palestinian residential facility in the city of Ramleh in the middle of occupied Palestine at dawn on Sunday.

According to local Palestinian sources, large forces of the Israeli occupation police and special units stormed the morning of al-Juarish neighborhood in Ramla, accompanied by demolition bulldozers, and began demolishing a house affiliated with the Abu Amer family.

She said the Israeli occupation police closed the area and prevented residents from approaching the place of the demolition of the house to protest. It is clear that the demolition was carried out on the pretext of not obtaining a building permit from the occupation municipality in Ramla.

Palestinian sources indicated that the house was newly built and belonged to a young Palestinian who was planning to celebrate his wedding soon.

 The Palestinian population, which accounts for about 30 per cent of the entire population of Ramleh, expressed serious outrage at the demolition, accusing the Israeli occupation Municipality of racism and placing difficulties and obstacles in the way of Palestinian citizens trying to obtain building permits.


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