The Ministry of Foreign Affairs condemns the accelerated settlement occupation decisions

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs considered today, Sunday, that the accelerated settlement settlement decisions of Israel are intensifying Palestinian activities to confront them in the International Criminal Court.

A statement issued by the ministry said that the statements of the Minister of the Occupation Army, Naftali Bennett, regarding the classified areas (C) that pave the way for annexation and the imposition of Israeli law on them raise the ceiling of the challenge before the Palestinian people.

The statement indicated that the ministry will intensify its political, diplomatic and legal activities in the face of expansionist colonial projects, and focus specifically on the International Criminal Court in such circumstances.

He stressed continuing to work in coordination with regional and international bodies to confront the dangerous and destructive occupation plans, and to ensure exposing them on the widest scale, because of the serious risks they represent to the chances of a political solution to the conflict based on the two-state solution.

The statement pointed out that the occupation is extremely concerned about the possibility of opening an investigation by the Prosecutor of the Court, Fatwa Bensouda, against senior Israeli officials, especially those who contributed to illegal settlement activity in the land of the State of Palestine.

He accused the occupation government of working to swallow large parts of the West Bank and flood them with settlers, on the one hand, and to destroy any Palestinian presence in areas classified (C) in the forefront of the Palestinian valleys on the other hand, to produce a colonial equation that leads to ending any opportunity to establish a Palestinian state.

The statement condemned, "The Israeli occupation and its various continuous devices on the land of the State of Palestine and its people are invigorating once again, stressing that settlement is null and illegal and null and void in accordance with international law, international legitimacy and its decisions."

And Bennett announced last week, during a tour of the Jordan Valley in the east of the West Bank, that Israel aims to house a million settlers in the West Bank within ten years, stressing that he is working hard to prevent the continuation of illegal Palestinian construction in Area C and demolishing any construction even if European funding.

Bensouda announced at the end of last December that she wanted to conduct a full investigation into allegations of war crimes in the Palestinian territories, and at the time submitted a request to the Pre-Trial Chamber in the Hague-based Criminal Court, requesting a ruling on the geographical jurisdiction of the Palestinian territories.


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