Health: 70 cases of swine flu and 5 deaths of people with chronic diseases since September

The Ministry of Health said that it had conducted 930 flu cases that found that 70 of them were infected with the H1N1 virus (swine flu), and recorded 5 deaths, the majority of which were afflicted with chronic diseases, since last September.

The Ministry of Health confirmed in a press statement today, Thursday, that all its health centers are ready to receive and deal with cases of infection with this virus.

She pointed out that swine flu is classified as a seasonal flu, and it is under control, like other flu types, noting that this year’s infections are less than last year for the same period.

The ministry clarified that it has circulated the necessary instructions and diagnostic criteria to all hospitals, and everything necessary for laboratory tests has been distributed to hospitals, noting that health and through its central laboratory are conducting tests to confirm the infection with the virus, where samples are received and the results are issued within less than 24 hours.

Health stressed that there is no need for fear or panic because the H1N1 virus is a seasonal virus that is regionally and internationally diagnosed, adding that a healthy person often gets infected and recovering without knowing that he was infected with this type of virus.

She pointed out that most viral diseases in general and influenza in particular may cause deaths, especially in people who suffer from weak immune systems, such as the elderly, pregnant women and children, and who suffer from chronic diseases.


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