Occupation arrests 7 citizens from the West Bank, including a boy

The Israeli occupation forces arrested at least 7 citizens of the West Bank, including a boy, at dawn today, Thursday, attacks on the citizens, and summoning a former prisoner from Bethlehem.

The captive club said that two citizens were arrested from Bethlehem, namely: Samer Al-Qaisi (22 years old), and Hamza Muhammad Al-Jarashi (24 years old). Also, the former prisoner Mahmoud Karim Ayyad received a communication to interview her intelligence.

Meanwhile, a citizen from the town of Kafr al-Labad in Tulkarm, Jamal Hafez Faqha (50 years old), and another citizen from the town of Azzun, Qalqilya District, Nahar Imran Hussein (26 years), were arrested, in addition to a citizen from the town of Kafel, the guard of the Salfit district, who is Osama Zaid Saleh, who is a prisoner former.

In addition to the boys, Faris Ramzi and Rani (16 years), from Al-Eizariya town, Jerusalem district, and another citizen from Silwad town, Ramallah district, Osama Nathir Hamid (18 years), a former prisoner who spent ten months, was released a month ago.

It is noteworthy that the occupation forces arrested yesterday afternoon Ya`qub al-Dabbagh and his father, Muhammad, from the Old City of Jerusalem.


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