Trump is waving American military capabilities in his threat to Iran

in one of his successive tweets, on Saturday, December 4, 2020, US President Donald Trump warned Iran against attacking any American citizen or base for US President Donald Trump, recalling that the United States just spent two trillion dollars On military equipment, and threatening that the United States is prepared to use its "beautiful new" military equipment without hesitation.

With his statement, Trump recalled the minds and platforms of dialogue talking about the military spending of the United States, which is the largest in the world, especially after the massive and continuous rise in this spending in recent years, where the US Senate approved in December 2019 a spending package worth $ 738 billion, for the fiscal year 2020, or an increase of 3% compared to the previous year, and in this budget, space power was introduced to become the sixth branch of the American armed forces, after the land, sea, air, marines, and coast guard branches.

With this increase, US military expenditures recorded the highest level since 1988.

The defense budget bill stipulates allocating $ 576 billion to the Pentagon’s primary expenditures, in addition to $ 71.5 billion earmarked for military operations taking place outside the country.

The Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (Seabury) stated that American spending represents 36 percent of total global military spending, almost equal to the spending of the following eight nations of the United States combined, as the number of soldiers increased by about 16 thousand soldiers, and pumped 90 F35 aircraft next to 20 Submarine.

The American army is ranked first globally, while the Iranian army ranks fourteenth among the most powerful armies in the world, at a time when the population of the United States exceeds 329 million, including 144 million as a manpower available (working or productive), while the number of individuals The US Army has 2.141 million soldiers, including 860 in the reserve forces, while the population of Iran exceeds 83 million, including approximately 47 million people as available manpower, while the number of Iranian military personnel reaches 873 thousand soldiers, including 523 thousand soldiers and 350 thousand in the reserve forces.

With regard to the US Air Force, it is ranked first in the world, as it owns 13398 warplanes, distributed between offensive fighter, bombers, military cargo planes and helicopters, while the Iranian Air Force ranks 24th in the world, and it possesses 509 varied warplanes, including 142 fighters, and 165 attack aircraft And 89 military transport aircraft, in addition to 126 helicopters.

On the ground, the US military has more than 6287 tanks, 39,223 armored vehicles, 992 self-propelled guns and more than 864 field guns, in addition to 1056 rocket launchers, while its Iranian counterpart has more than 1,600 tanks, 2,345 armored vehicles, 570 self-propelled guns, and 1,900 missile launchers.

In the sea, the American naval fleet includes 415 marine vessels that are distributed among aircraft carriers, submarines and frigates, while the Iranian naval fleet includes approximately 400 diverse marine vessels.


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