"Tik Tok" reassures its users of the disclosure of countries that requested data

 the famous Chinese application "Tik Tok", reassured its users, by announcing the number of requests it received from governments, in order to obtain subscriber data, during the first half of 2019.

Tik Tok confirmed its cooperation with law enforcement agencies abroad, stressing respect for the privacy of users of the platform at the same time.

The platform, which is specialized in video and entertainment, has faced widespread criticism because of "suspicion" of its cooperation with the Chinese authorities, which the application categorically denied.

India topped the number of countries that requested user-specific data, and the number during the aforementioned period reached 143 requests, but the application prepared information about only half of those.

As for the United States, it came in second place, requesting information about 255 accounts, and the company stated that 86 percent of those requests sought information, according to NBC News.

Erik Epstein, director of public policy at Tic Tok, said that the platform is examining the requests submitted with great care in order to ensure that they observe the legal aspect, and whether it is really a matter of violating local laws.

The application explained that, in many times, it removed some content, after receiving requests in this regard from foreign governments, as well as freezing accounts for users.

The application, owned by the Chinese company, "Betty Dance," under pressure in the United States, last October, because of what Washington considered a potential threat from the platform to American national security.

Senate Democratic Leader Shack Shamer and Republican Armed Services and Intelligence Committee member Tim Cotton called for an assessment of the potential risk to the app being used heavily in the United States.


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