Rome hosts the largest ever exhibition of the work of the painter Raphael on the occasion of his 500th anniversary

 Next March, Rome will host the largest exhibition ever of more than 100 paintings and drawings by the famous Renaissance artist Raphael., Organizers said.

This exhibition, which is being held at the Scuderia del Quernale Museum, and scheduled to begin from 5 March to 2 June next, will be held on the occasion of the 500th anniversary of the death of the Italian artist.

Almost 200 artworks, including paintings and drawings by other artists, are displayed alongside Raphael's works for comparison purposes.

There are other pieces of art expected to arrive from the Louvre Museum, which agreed last September to send five works of Raphael to Rome in exchange for Italy's agreement to loan seven pieces of artwork by Leonardo Da Vinci.

The Louvre is currently hosting another exhibition of Da Vinci's work marking the 500th anniversary of his death, including the "Vitruvian Man" painting.


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