Al-Atyra: Violations of the occupation against the environment rise to the level of war crimes

The head of the Environmental Quality Authority Adalah Al-Atyra said that the ongoing violations of the occupation against the environment are rising to war crimes, noting that they are in the process of completing a comprehensive report on the environment in the Palestinian territories under the auspices of the United Nations and under the supervision of international experts reflecting the situation

true reality of the environment.

"Israel is establishing projects in Jerusalem, monitoring hundreds of millions of shekels, seizing citizens' land and preventing them from exploiting their land and expelling them, especially bedouin communities close to their projects," she said. What it is yet to be known.

The occupation authorities have stolen and continue to steal groundwater, divert them to settlements, seize the waters of the Jordan River, control the springs, turn them into tourist areas, plunder the resources of the Dead Sea and the resources of the Gaza Sea, where they have stolen the Palestinian right to exploit natural gas there.

Al-Atyra explained with regard to the Gaza Strip, that the government is not able to carry out its responsibilities there because hamas controls the Gaza Strip, because the work there needs a permanent presence of experts and laboratories to conduct research, but nevertheless the government is trying to implement projects to preserve human life where it opened the largest landfill Waste in the Gaza Strip months ago.

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