6 soldiers were killed after a jihadist attack in Nigeria

Six soldiers were killed in an ambush on Sunday by jihadists belonging to the "Boko Haram" movement in northeastern Nigeria, security sources said on Monday.

Militants launched an attack on a military convoy outside the village of Tongushi, 22 kilometers from Medigori, the largest city in Borno State.

"A vehicle was hit by an RPG, killing six soldiers on board," a security source said.

Another security source indicated that three jihadists were killed in the clash that broke out with the soldiers after the ambush.

Tongushi and the surrounding area have been targeted several times by the Islamic State in West Africa and the rival Boko Haram movement.

The nearly decade-long Islamist insurgency in northeastern Nigeria has killed 35,000 people and displaced nearly two million.

The conflict spread to neighboring Niger, Chad and Cameroon, leading to an alliance to fight jihadist groups at the regional level.


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