12 citizens were arrested from the West Bank and Jerusalem

 The occupation forces arrested, at dawn today, 12 citizens from separate areas of the occupied West Bank and Jerusalem.

Local sources said that the occupation forces arrested the former prisoner Yusef Ezzat and Yusef Muhammad Saduq from the Dheisha camp, south of Bethlehem.

The forces also arrested Asid Abu Libdeh, from Qalqilya, after clashes erupted in it.

From al-'Isawiyah, east of occupied Jerusalem, forces arrested Muhammad Marwan Obaid, Ali Sufyan Ubaid, Yunus Sufyan Ubaid, and Faisal Luay Ubaid.

The forces also arrested the father and brothers of the martyr Firas Abu Nab from Ras Al-Amoud. They are: Waseem Nayef Obaid, Saif Abu Nab, Youssef Abu Nab, Muhammad Abu Nab, and Bassam Abu Nab.


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