A wide campaign of arrests in the West Bank and Jerusalem

The occupation forces launched a massive arrest campaign, at dawn on Monday, in separate areas of the West Bank and Jerusalem.

Local sources said that the occupation forces arrested Omar Abd al-Latif Shtayeh from the town of Tal, southwest of Nablus, and Husam Mansour from the town of Tilfit, the city's district, while the forces stormed the housing of Rogeb east and the town of Sebastia.

The southern area of ​​Nablus witnessed night attacks by settlers.

In Tulkarem, the Israeli occupation forces stormed the city alongside the towns of Deir Al-Ghusun and Shweika, and arrested several young men: Majd Abdul Salam Al-Jandab, Sheikh Ramzi Na'alawa, Youssef Mhanna, Mu'tasim Tayseer Alyan, Salah Dahlia, Ahmed Akbaria and Abdullah Nasser, Haitham Nasser and Abdullah Mahdawi.

From Ramallah, the young occupation Muhammad Muhsiri was arrested.

The occupation forces arrested three children from Al-Arroub camp, north of Hebron, and they were: Husam Ahmad Al-Badawi, Munjed Ahmad Al-Badawi and Maan Nayef Al-Badawi. It also arrested Raed Salem Al-Atawneh, Haytham Asafra and Aseed Sabri Zuhour from Beit Kahel, northwest of the city, as well as Marwan Hudayb and Muhammad Abdul Karim Farajallah, from the town of Idhna in the west.

From Jerusalem, the occupation forces arrested the two youths, the rule of Mujahid Abu Rumi and Sayyaf Nidal Abu Rumi, from Al-Eizariya town, southeast of the city. They are the cousins ​​of the martyr Naseem Muafih Abu Rumi (14 years old), who was killed in mid August last, after he was shot at Bab Al-Silsila - one of the doors of Al-Aqsa Mosque.


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