The occupation established 4 thousand settlement units in the West Bank

 The director of the settlement monitoring unit at the Areej Institute for Applied Research, Suhail Khaliliya, said that the occupation authorities have set up 4000 settlement units in the West Bank in harmony with the plans planned by the occupation during the last period of constructing roads and electricity and water networks and expanding industrial areas and Demolition escalation of donor country projects in Area C.

In an interview with the official Voice of Palestine radio station, Khaliliya, Sunday, Sunday, that the American decision regarding the settlements will lead to an increase in violations during the next year, which will be more harmful, such as the annexation of the Jordan Valley, which received initial approval from all Israeli parties.

Concerning the refusal of the International Human Rights Council to publish the database of companies operating in the settlements, Khaliliya said that there are differences regarding the publication of the list due to the priority of capital internationally, expressing his hope to publish the names of these companies, which are branching at the level of all countries of the world.


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