kid Noor Al-Swarka: When I hear the planes, I feel so scared. What have we done to them?"

A report was published on Sunday of the horrific massacre of the Swarka family on The 14th of last month, after Israeli planes bombed their home in Deir al-Balah in the central Gaza Strip, killing nine family members, mostof them children and women.

Nour Al-Swarka, an 11-year-old girl, said that when she hears planes flying over Gaza and the area where she lives, she is very frightened. "Why did they bomb us? What did we do to them? They stole from me everything that was beautiful in my life, we became orphans."

Noor, a sixth-grade student, said her parents, Yosra and Mohammed, and her two brothers, Moaz and Wasim, along with her uncle, Official, his wife and three children, were all martyred, stayed with her two brothers without a father or mother, and became orphans and homeless.

"Everyone was asleep, but I couldn't sleep because of the noise of the planes that were flying heavily, and suddenly I heard a big explosion and my sisters Nirmin and Reem were next to me, and I saw my sister Nirmin trying to escape, but she fell to the ground after she was hit," she says of the night.

He added "I moved away from the house after I ran away from it, and the explosions stopped and Started looking for my sisters, but the house turned into a pile of rubble and large pits, and I found my cousin and children, and we started looking for my sisters and cousins, So I found Reem buried under the sand, her face was covered with blood, and I tried to get her out of Sand, And I found Salem and Lima because i was my mother who tried to wake her up, and I told her come, mother, come, but she didn't hear me and I realized that she was martyred."

She said she found her father bleeding and asked her to call an ambulance, so she quickly drove to a warehouse opposite their house and asked his owner to call an ambulance, then returned to her family's destroyed house, and the planes were flying heavily, and she was in a state of great fear that they could be bombed again.

She noted that when ambulances arrived and they were all taken to Al-Aqsa Martyrs Hospital and examined, she was not injured, but her brother Salem was seriously injured and was in the hospital bed next to her.

She explained that in the morning she returned to her grandmother's house and her sisters Reem, Nermin and her brother Salem remained in the hospital, and when she returned she knew that, along with her mother, her brothers, uncle, wife and their three children had been martyred, and she was told that her father had been seriously injured.

"When I heard all this I froze. I didn't cry or scream. I didn't feel anything. Even when they were buried, I felt very sad and couldn't cry, i couldn't believe what had happened to us."

"After a week my father was martyred, my body started to tremble, I was in a state of terrible fear, I couldn't look at it at his funeral, and now it's been three weeks since they were martyred, and I miss them all, especially my brother Moaz, we were so close," she said.

She said she visits their destroyed home and remembers her father, mother and siblings, how she played and had fun with them and her cousins, and how they all met at the dinner table. She said she had been back in school for a week, but she could not concentrate at school.

Salamia Al-Swarka, 76, Noor's grandmother, said she fainted when she saw her children and grandchildren injured, noting that before that she was running around and knocking on the neighbors' doors, asking them to call ambulances and shouting "My sons were bombed."

She pointed out that the neighbors tried to calm her and she was not told who was martyred and who was injured until the morning after she became better and returned to her home, and when she learned of their martyrdom when their bodies arrived to pray she passed out again and was taken to the hospital.

"I still can't talk much when I think about what happened," she said.

Wissam Al-Swarka, a family member whose children were injured by the shelling at the scene, said that the house was simple, that it was a light iron roof and some nylon walls, noting that they had lived through very difficult moments. His two-month-old daughter was rescued from the rubble.

"When I found out who was martyred and who was injured, I started screaming, and I screamed at everyone. I screamed, "Why did we bomb?" What did the kids do? Why were they killed?

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