Prisoners Authority: difficult conditions for the female prisoners in "Damon"

The Prisoners and Editors Affairs Authority affirmed, on Wednesday, that Palestinian women prisoners in "Al-Damoun" detention center suffer from difficult living conditions, most notably the lack of privacy and the policy of medical neglect.

After the visit of her lawyer to the female prisoners, the Prisoners ’Committee explained that the spread of cameras in the courtyard of the detainee and at the gates of the baths, they lose the right to privacy, and lead to the deprivation of veiled women of their right to be exposed to sunlight, which some of them are obliged to adhere to legal clothing even during the exercise, while covering the entrances The bathrooms are with curtains, not closed doors.

The commission pointed out that the occupation prisons administration followed the policy of medical negligence and procrastination in providing treatment, in addition to abuse during treatment against female prisoners after their arrest.

During her visit, the prisoner Suhair Sulaymiyya, from Hebron, confirmed that she still suffers from severe pain as a result of being shot during the process of the occupation forces arresting her on the 30th of last October, and only female analgesics are given to her, knowing that she was subjected to an abuse during her treatment period. She was transferred from the hospital to the "Ramleh Prison Clinic", which deteriorated her health condition, while the occupation authorities did not allow her family to visit her since her arrest.

The captive, Helwa Hamamra, from Bethlehem, indicated that she had recently undergone an operation in the Israeli "Rambam" Hospital, and that the occupation doctors conducted the operation while she was handcuffed and feet bound, while the occupation soldiers tried to obstruct her visit to her only five-year-old daughter, noting that the captive Hamamra had been detained since November 8, 2015, and sentenced to five years and nine months imprisonment, and the occupation forces shot her during her arrest, which led to the removal of part of the liver, pancreas, spleen and intestine.

It is noteworthy that the occupation is holding 42 prisoners, the majority of whom are in “Damoon” detention center.

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