An Israeli security official: There is no escape from a massive military operation in Gaza

Special translation - A senior Israeli security source said today, Tuesday, that in light of the current situation and the continued firing of rockets, in addition to the political crisis internally and externally, a large-scale military operation in the Gaza Strip is inevitable.

And the website, Wala Al-Ibri, quoted the official as saying that the political leadership in Israel must decide soon whether the worsening security situation will lead to a military response against Hamas, or provide economic benefits to try to contain the current situation.

"In the end, there will be no choice but to engage in a military campaign to strengthen deterrence," he said.

He pointed out that, despite the achievements made in the "Black Belt" operation recently in Gaza, the rocket fire continues despite the opposition of the Hamas leadership to this, but it does not do enough to stop it despite attacking its targets in response to that, he said.

According to the site, the deteriorating security situation has caused sharp criticism of the political and military levels by residents of the cover of Gaza, amid rejections of the interpretations of the political and military level that the northern square is currently a priority to deal with Iran's threat from Syria.

The site said that the political level is now facing a very complex dilemma either to initiate a large-scale campaign against the armed organizations in Gaza and compel them to calm, or risk political criticism in the context of enhancing their public standing before the elections, or strive for a long-term calm, which is what you seek Hamas and does not want a military clash with the Israeli army, and therefore did not join the recent military confrontation, but the political level in Israel is not ready to accept rocket fire.

The site pointed out that the security leaders in Israel made several proposals to calm Gaza, including building joint industrial zones and increasing the power line to improve its position in Gaza, increasing the fishing area, exporting goods, and allowing workers to work in Israel, all in exchange for Hamas’s commitment to complete calm as a step on the road Long-term calm agreement.

An Israeli security official said that the Shin Bet is opposed to the exit of Palestinian workers at this time due to security risks, but instead recommended that the share of goods to Gaza be increased.

The Israeli army believes that without an economic solution, the area could burn and lead to a security deterioration, which will lead to a process that conflicts with the wishes of both parties.

The site indicated that the Israeli Minister of the Army, Naftali Bennett, recently proposed returning to the artificial island plan or transferring goods to Gaza via the Ashdod port. And he is pressing Hamas to release the Israelis from it by linking this issue and other issues related to the bodies of the martyrs and responding strongly to the rocket fire.

Security officials said to the site, that the security system leaders have lagged behind in taking a decision on Gaza because of the lack of clarity in the decision of the current political level in light of the electoral process, but now is the moment when the political and military level will take their decision after presenting their positions, noting that the cabin has not met since the appointment Naftali Bennett to discuss the Gaza issue or other issues.


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